Thursday, February 28, 2008

God in ordinary people

Well here it is Friday again... Isn't it amazing how the older you get the faster times goes?? This will be my last post until Monday. We will be in Indianapolis this weekend for an indoor softball tournament for Aimee. Cole is thrilled about it because her first game is at 2:20 a.m. ... yep I said A.M.!! Although she is only 16 she plays on an 18U team and the 18's play throughout the night. . Cole hates to go to bed, so this is ideal for him.

So, I'm sitting at work today and the post I was on was commercial semi truck inspections. I have seen this particular driver a half a dozen times but never talked to him because he has a badge so he usually just shows his badge and drives on in. Well today he had to wait for a truck to move in front of him before he could go so he got out and walked up to me and said I thought I would just walk up here and show my badge today (which was WAY out of the ordinary) and he saw the paper in the seat of my truck, I had been reading the sports page on who could possibly be the IU coach for next year. (I'm hoping for Rick Patino and I MIGHT watch IU). We got to talking about sports and how sad it is that kids in today's society so admire sports figures and so many of them aren't what we would want them looking up to. Then out of nowhere he said they should be looking to Jesus. Well, I thought what a God moment because I had never had a conversation with him about anything let alone God. That opened up a door about how hard it is to strive to live right in this society as adults let alone what children have to handle with peer pressure etc... We talked for about 10 minutes and then he left.

I sat and thought about how God puts people in our lives but how often do we not see them. I had a discussion with an precious woman one time about how she had never audibly heard God speak to her. Which led to a discussion about how God speaks to us through a plethora of ways and that not everyone hears God's voice BUT if we look for it we can see God in everything. Music speaks to many, God puts people and events in our paths. I look back on my life and think of how much I probably missed out on because I was too busy or just plain wasn't looking for it.

Take time this weekend to see God in everything! Have a GREAT weekend!

Rearview Mirrors

I was watching the end of American Idol on Tuesday night, I usually just watch the auditions because quite frankly they are hilarious! However, I have gotten hooked on it this season, there is SO much talent there.


Paula made the statement to David Archuleta "I just want to hug you and squeeze you and hang you from my rear view mirror". I busted out laughing, aren't there those people you know that you want to do that too??

I am amazed at what you will find hanging from rear view mirrors. It can range from air fresheners to dream catchers (A.K.A shrunken heads... inside joke). I am not sure how the fascination of hanging things from the mirror came from, but when I was a teenager I had a car that I hung multiple things from and it fell off my windshield. . . several times!! I finally learned not to hang so many things there.

I guess that like me most people hang things there that mean something to them. I have an angel on mine that my friend Terri gave me because she said I spent most of my time in my car with all the sports my kids play. I also use it as a reminder of sorts because to put it bluntly I NEED a reminder of the "important" things. I can't trust myself to get through life alone. How easy is it to want to do things our way and on our time. That is a big one, our time. It is so hard to remember that our time is not God's time. How often have you prayed for something and as soon as you are done you do not wait for God but continue on to do it your way?? I know I have several times, it is a good thing God is all powerful, all knowing and a FORGIVING God.

On the last Walk to Emmaus I worked, we received a window cling as agape that said Trust in the Lord and he shall direct thy path. I love that!! I put it on my rear view mirror as it suggested. I am a sucker for things like that. I often put up verses in the bathroom to where my family sees them first thing in the mornings. With my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) I love post it notes and anything that "reminds" me of things, Ed laughs at me because he has come home before and checked the answering machine to find my "notes to self" on there.

Let's remember to keep the important things close to us and use whatever rear view mirror accessories we need to in life to help us out!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Deer Hunting

I bet you didn't know I was a deer hunter?? Well I was today anyway!! I was on my way to work and just got on base around 4:45 a.m. when I saw 4 deer in the roadway, I slowed down to let them pass when out of nowhere this buck came out of the woods and (this is no kidding) head butted my car then spun and hit my passenger side door and ran off.

Now, you are going to think I am crazy but it was SO funny....The deer stopped, looked at me shook his head and ran off. It was like he thought "what hit me". For all of you animal lovers, he was fine, but my 2007 Durango is a little beat up. I called Ed and he said well as long as you aren't hurt don't worry about it, but you are calling the insruance office! He is such a calm guy. (I admit it irritates me at times).

Then came the task of calling the insurance company. That was what I was dreading, I mean they just sent us a check for Aimee's car last week. I called and gave the receptionist the information AND the good was I killed 2 birds with one stone because I also gave her the information of Aimee's car we bought this weekend to add to our insurance. Ironic huh? We have to take the blessings anywhere we can get them. Our insurance guy Joe, is the sweetest guy, he called me and actually laughed at me and asked if I had been deer hunting. I was worried about our rates but he assured me this was pretty minor. I don't call anywhere from $2000.00 - $4000.00 damage minor but hey what do I know!

Anywhere, once again I learned a lesson from God in this. Isn't is amazing how when we want to see it we can see the blessings all around us.

Here is my verse of the day.

Hebrews 12

1Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

New Living Translation

1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.

Have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesdays are going to be "Tuesday Tunes".

I am very passionate about music. Music inspires me. I am amazed at how some people don't listen to the words of songs. That is what I most listen to in a song is the words. If you ask any of my friends of family, I am always printing words to a song out to give to them if they are going through a rough spot or as a pick me up. My mom can to this day sing on command if you mention a word... ANY word. We used to always say "Oh, here she goes again". But I am very thankful she passed on her love of music to me. If only I could sing like her!

Cole also loves music and is musically inclined. He takes piano lessons and is getting ready to start guitar lessons. He is always walking around either humming or singing. I will admit, that I at times ask him to be quiet but it is also nice to hear him. He is the never quiet child. He comes in a room and the noise level goes up about 10 decibels. I am told I was like that.... I can't imagine that :-)

Here it the song for today. You can find it here:


I listen to it daily for the reminder of how God is constant. I LOVE that. Constant; not changing or varying; uniform; regular; invariable!

Jill Phillips - I Am lyrics

oh gently lay your head upon my chest
and I will comfort you like a mother while you rest
the tide can change so fast, but I will stay
the same through past, the same in future, same today

I am constant; I am near
I am peace that shatters all your secret fears
I am holy; I am wise
I'm the only one who knows your heart's desires
your heart's desires

oh weary, tired and worn, let out your sighs
and drop that heavy load you hold 'cause Mine is light
I know you through and through; there's no need to hide
I want to show you love that is deep and high and wide

'cause I am constant; I am near
I am peace that shatters all your secret fears
am holy; I am wise
the only one who knows your heart's desires

I am constant; I am near
I am peace that shatters all your secret fears
I am holy; I am wise
I'm the only one who knows your heart's desires
your heart's desires

oh gently lay your head upon my chest
and I will comfort you like a mother while you rest

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Clampitt's go car shopping

Well, as I told you we were going car shopping on Saturday, and as I also told you I HATE to shop. We went to Aimee's softball practice and then set off to car shop. She had in her mind what she wanted (Ha!) We started out in Indianapolis (inner city Indianapolis). Let me say that was interesting, she wanted a SUV. Now we had already said we weren't going to spend any more that what the insurance check was for. Do you know how hard it is to find a car with decent mileage , dependable and stylish for $5400.00! Let me tell you it is next to impossible!

We went to 8 or 10 dealerships with way too eager salesmen. We even left one standing in his office waiting for us. He actually was telling us about a SUV we were looking at and shook Ed's hand, and Ed said "what's the price?" The salesman looked at me and said "Hi Mrs. Price", well needless to say Aimee & I lost it. Ed gently corrected the salesman and hurried to get out of there. (We embarrass him quite often). We continued on to many more car lots....

I had just about had enough and Ed being the intuitive person that he is suggested we go eat. While we were eating, I had an epiphany (imagine that) that I should pray about it. What an amazing thought. Isn't it amazing how we forget to go to God in ALL things. I just said Lord, you know I am fed up, if it be your will let us go home today with a car that is dependable and safe because I can't take much more..

We got done eating, went to another dealership and had nothing to show for it. So we decided to head toward Greenwood. We went to another 4 or 5 and came close once but then again it had too high of mileage. We decided it was getting late and we might have to go another day (oh joy)!

We headed toward home. We got into Martinsville and drove by one of those huge dealerships and just happened to look over and saw about 6 or 7 vehicles under 5,000.00. Ed made a legal u-turn (my Dad, the king of u-turns would be so proud). We went back and the cars were parked in the muddy grass so I elected to stay in the car. Well, I had to get out because Aimee found one she really liked. As I got out a salesman reached us and asked us if that was our price range. We said yes and he said well I have a 2004 Cavalier for $4900.00, we were like are you sure? He said I think so and pointed us in its direction. We drove up to it and Aimee fell in love. I still wasn't sure because it was burnt orange.... but we drove it and it had lower mileage than anything we had seen. When we got back the salesman said he had gotten the price wrong, it was really $7900.00 but it was supposed to go on sale in a few days, BUT since he already quoted it to us if we wanted it we could take it for $4900.00 but can't negotiate the price(like we would have at that point). We jumped on it, with sales tax and all we paid $33.00 over the insurance check.

Ok, moral of that LONG story... you can make u-turns as long there isn't a posted sign saying you cannot.

Not really....To me it was that I needed to learn to fully rely on God in ALL things not matter how small we might think they are.

Have a good week!!


Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

It is the only day we can sleep in as a family. Our church service is at 10:45 so that gives us lots of time in the morning. However, I have found that that is also our most stressful morning. Now, I know why... that is the day we go to church to worship. That ole' scum dog (as I affectionately call the devil, thanks Brenda!!) is at his best then. Let me tell you, for those who think the devil isn't at work need to just look around. He tries to put us in a whirlwind of emotions in the Farhar house on Sunday mornings, AND now that I look at it I can remember that as a child in my parents home on Sundays as well.

I know for me it is a fight EVERY day to just get out of bed , let alone go out into the world. Do you have those days too? Our Associate Pastor Dan told us in our Wednesday night study last week a little saying that is a good one. "Before our feet hit the floor, let our words hit God's ears". Sounds simple right?? Well, it isn't for me. The ole' scum dog gets me up and thinking about everything I have to do during that day and week. He wants to keep us busy to get us away from God.

We are reading through the bible in a year in our church and although Leviticus tripped me up, it has really helped me to stay on track. Our church service today started out much like it usually does but ended up with several youth at the alter and just a prayer and worship service. It was AWESOME!! God is Good! It was spirit lead and just truly amazing, it left me standing in awe with tears in my eyes at the work that God was doing. I want to give you a verse to use for this week.

Isaiah 40:30-31 Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

... Coming tomorrow the car shopping adventure!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy Busy

Well, it is Saturday and we as usual have a packed weekend.

Today we are going to Indianapolis for Aimee's travel softball practice and car shopping.... YUK! Most of you know Aimee wrecked her car, it will be 3 weeks ago Tuesday. That was a scary phone call however, she made it out without injury. She was very lucky.

Now, I HATE shopping for most anything but buying a car is something totally different. Especially since it is for our daughter. You want something dependable, good gas milage (hurry up and open Bo Macs to put her back to work) lol. Actually, she never asks for money.

We went (and get this...) test drove a black Sunfire convertible last Friday night. Now, when I was 16 if my parents would have test drove a convertible I would have been like "Oh Yea, that's mine". Not practical Aimee, she didn't really care for it. Cole loved it, he thought he was going to be SO cool riding to school (for the whole mile). I told him he could have a convertible if he rode his bike. Can you believe he didn't find the humor in that???


Here we are last Friday night driving through Jasper in 30 degree weather with the top down on this car. Cold as it was, we had a blast. I am still amazed that we have kids that want to go places with us and really have a good time, or they put up a good act anyway.

Here is wishing you a relaxing, peaceful Saturday.

March Madness

March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year. If you know my family well you know that we are HUGE sports fanatics, that being said Basketball is one of our favorite sports and this time of year is when you will see some great basketball games being played.

Last weekend was the girls Regional in Loogootee. What a day, we 4 of the top 10 teams in 1A playing here and it was fun to watch. Next week will be boys sectional as well.

I think you can learn a lot by the game of basketball. Quite coincidentally my DEAR Joyful friend Tami sent me this e-mail titled "A Basketball Guide to Faith" and I wanted to share it with you.

Have a GREAT weekend!!

“A Basketball Guide to Faith” – February 20, 2008

Last night I attended the IU/Purdue basketball game at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, thanks to the generosity of Rev. George Purnell and some members at Bloomington 1st Church. Our seats were great – right behind the scorer’s bench. As a grad of Purdue it was hard to watch the Boiler lose, but it was fun to be at such an exciting game. It was actually not a well-played game by either team. IU had 24 turnovers, and Purdue missed 10 free throws which helped account for their 9-point loss. But there is always a lot of energy in these Big 10 games, and I am glad to see Purdue and IU back on top of their conference and ranked among the top teams in the nation.

All of this got to me to thinking about how basketball games reflect some of our Christian faith journey, so here is my effort at “A Basketball Guide to Faith”:

1. Free Throws represent our opportunity to do good. Basketball even refers to the “charity line” where those shots are taken. Missed free throws are missed opportunities we all have to do good deeds. One of the General Rules of our UMC is to “do good” and we all need to avoid missing those opportunities.

2. Turnovers are those times when we try to do something good and faithful, but we fail. Mostly such turnovers happen when fail to reply upon others on our team – like last night when one IU player absent-mindedly failed to bring the ball across the 10-second line in time, and thus turned the ball over to Purdue. Most of us have turnovers in our faith journeys – times when we fail to accomplish even the basic aspects of discipleship.

3. Rebounds are second chances to score and achieve a faithful life. Often our missed shots are times when someone else picks up the dropped ball and helps us to try again. As a Christian it is good to know that I am part of a team which helps to pick up my misses and turn them into second chances.

4. Fouls are those mistakes, errors, and sins that we commit when we break the rules. Being called for a foul in basketball and having the other team rewarded with the ball or free throws reminds us that there is a cost when we break the rules of the game.

5. Three-point shots are those dramatic times when our best and most faithful efforts bring results, even more results than normal (more than a regular two-point shot). Such dramatic moments come when we think “bigger” and more “long-term” than just our usual faith efforts. And of course the rewards are greater when we really stretch our faithful efforts all the way beyond the three-point arc.

6. Teamwork on offense and defense is important in basketball in our faith journey. Basketball is not a one-person game, and neither is the Christian faith. Working together, passing and sharing, covering for one another, and depending upon one another – all of those traits make for a good basketball team, and they also make for a good Christian life. In basketball the player who tries to do too much on her or his own is called a “hot dog” or a “ball hog.” Such traits do not reflect well in the Christian life either. I find it fascinating that Jesus called a whole team of disciples, and his first choices were two sets of brothers who were used to working together. Teamwork makes our Christian faith successful.

7. The Shot Clock and the game clock remind players that a basketball game has limits. In our faith journey we are reminded that our time is limited, and if we want to be faithful we must live our lives with a sense of urgency because our time is limited. Perhaps that is why John Wesley urged his followers “Do not trifle your time away.”

8. Basketball players are surrounded by the Cheering Section of fans who are clapping, shouting, cheering, and urging the team on to success. In our faith journey, the Letter to the Hebrews says that we are surrounded by a “cloud of witnesses” of those Christians who have passed on from life to death to life. As Christians we always have a “home court advantage” when we hear and feel the support in the grandstands of those who are praying for us and cheering for us to finish faithfully.

9. The Final Score in a basketball games decides which team has won the game. Fortunately as Christians we can live our life as those who already know the Final Score. We know that the final victory belongs to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Even as we struggle to be faithful in life, we are already assured that the Victory is ours in Christ.

10. The Coach for a basketball team is the one who guides, directs, disciplines, encourages, plans, recruits, and teaches the team how to play well. Good coaches are often ones who have played well themselves and who know the game from first-hand experience. The best coaches are ones who lead their team through an entire season, including victories and defeats, on toward the higher prize of a winning season. For our faith journey, we have the Spirit of Jesus Christ as our “coach” and advocate. He is the One who has experienced it all and found the final victory.

May we follow Christ during this basketball season … I mean Lenten season … all the way to the Victory of Easter and beyond.

Bishop Michael J. Coyner, Indiana Area of The United Methodist
Church "Making a Difference ... in Indiana and the world"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

To be or not to be...

To be or not to be....

Well, that is the question of the day, or could it be the question to our whole life??

I was thinking about this today and isn't it true, we make the choice to be OR not to be...

To be Happy

To be Mad

To be Insensitive

To be Caring

To be a Christian!

WOW, now think about that one. What does it mean to be a Christian?? Does it mean we are perfect?? (If it does, man am I in trouble!!) Does it mean that we have to be happy all the time??

I don't know about you but being a Christian is HARD!! However, no one ever said it would be easy. If it was then everyone would be a Christian!!

I want to end this snowy, icy night with the verse of the day that I gave to my kids yesterday.

2 Corinthians 12:10

That's why I take pleasure in my weakness, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Until tomorrow....