Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Get out of the boat

Okay so today I turn on the radio which I rarely do at work and I listen to family life today they had Priscilla Scheier on there teaching out of Judges chapter 7 which I've been studying judges and them she was talking about Gideon and how God dwindled down his army. I went on to read a little more, and actually before God dwindled down his army he threw a fleece out and asked God to show him what to do and then God gave an answer and you know story Gideon throws a fleece out again and God was patient with him because he is reassuring him of what was to happen.

From there she quoted Christine Caine and I really enjoy listening to Christine Caine and so I thought well I'm going to go look at this quote on the Internet so I can post to my Facebook and lo and behold what did I find... I found that Christine Caine is the founder of A21 campaign which is a campaign I've been following that is combating human trafficking, which if you know me is huge passion of mine I didn't know that she was the founder of that so from there I went to her blog and what was the title of today's??? Getting out of the boat. I was BLOWN away for the reason that God had really been laying that phrase "get out of the boat" on my heart for so many months now, dating back all the way to March but I haven't heard it the last couple of months and so the phrase "get out of the boat" has so much more of a meaning to me now after what I saw in Africa and the human trafficking that happens on Lake Volta.

Then I was reminded how when I was a IHOP earlier this year, I was in the prophecy room and a guy prophesied over me about a boat and rotors and he wasn't really quite sure what that meant but I do! I need to go back and find that because I recorded it and see what the meaning God has for my life right now.

I LOVE the way God reminds us that He is in charge and has a plan.