Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Candy... But at what price.

I recently told my son that we would no longer be buying anything Hershey manufactured. Including many yummy chocolate candy bars. He said "but mom I like all that". To which I responded "do you like kids enslaved so you can eat something that really isn't too good for you anyway?"

He was shocked and has since taken on fair trade as another cause he is willing to stand up for. You see we can all sit back with our willful ignorance and pretend like it doesn't matter. Out of sight, out of mind mentality. But the harsh truth is that around 284,000 children working the cocoa farms in Africa according to a report from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture.

Many US companies say that cannot be responsible for what is happening. Really? And just why can't they?

We aren't willing to spend just a little more or educate ourselves so that the cycle will stop. Am I saying to boycott everything? No, what I am saying is that in order for change to happen it is up to us, the consumers, to take a stand.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't you want to turn around and shake yourself sometimes? Especially those times when you just let that flesh control a little bit of you...

Yep, I've been there. I hate to admit it but far to often it seems. There is that one word that we sometimes let control every action...


Boy do I hate feelings sometimes.Either they are dormant or they are clawing at everything close. I do not want to be led by feelings. I want to be led by the Spirit in all things, in all times.

Today, I am thankful for friends that went the extra mile to "talk me off the ledge".