Monday, April 16, 2012

The last couple weeks have been SO busy. You would think with Cole not doing a spring sport it would slow down but think again! Then this week is Prom decorating, Post Prom chaperoning etc... I am tired just thinking about it.

Yesterday after a great church service at Victory Temple in Jasper, Ed told me I could stay home to rest while he went and got Cole. So, I put my jammies on and got in the recliner and watched a "Undercover Boss" marathon. That shows gets me everytime! I just kept watching though. I like to see those kind of shows where people that don't usually get recognized or appreciated for their work are shown just how much what they do means when someone takes the time to put themselves in their shoes. What if we all gave everyone that same consideration?

Instead of jumping to conclusions, or thinking someone is intentionally trying to aggravate you why not take a step back and really try to see the big picture?

That is what my goal is this week, to meet people right where they are at and to put away the judgement. Join me?